A New Project in Development by Necessary Angel

Law of Detachment’ is the latest initiative in Necessary Angels storied history of using an open-ended but intensive development process to create powerful and profound new works. 

The project is being conceived by choreographer Susanna Hood with NA Artistic Director Jennifer Tarver together with percussionist/composer Germaine Liu, bassist Rob Clutton and dramaturge/performer David Jansen.

Work on ‘Law of Detachment’ began with meetings between Jennifer and Susanna, both were inspired by their personal experiences as two mid-career artists encountering the anxiety inherent in the creative process:  the way one must inevitably pass through a charged membrane of "not-knowing", even after many years of experience, to shape into existence what is silently waiting to be discovered. 

This experience correlates to the passage from sleep to waking, and in various mythologies, from one life to another - the plight of souls that must cross or drink from a river of forgetfulness in order to shed their knowledge of one life and enter the next.

The project’s process of exploration will dissect existing artistic forms: structures of music, dance and theatrical texts in a quest to discover the how these frameworks enable deep emotion and even chaos to reside within. 

With the inclusion of David Jansen, Germaine Liu and Rob Clutton - each specialists in improvisation in their fields – Law of Detachment explore the relationship between improvisation and set compositions, and construct a physical and sonic map of a passage between two worlds - the threshold between the known and the unknown.  


  1. Law of Detachment is currently being development in partnership with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Drama, who have generously provided space to incubate the project as well as a connection to students and faculty members who are forming a brain trust for the project.
  2. Financial support for the development of Law of Detachment has been provided by:

Ms. Florence Minz

KM HUNTER Foundation


Law of Detachment

A Hybrid creation by Choreographer Susanna Hood and Theatre Director Jennifer Tarver.

Developed with contributions from Rob Clutton, David Jansen and Germaine Liu.

(2018 onwards)