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Individual Giving

There are no small gifts. All donations in whatever amount from individuals like yourself are greatly appreciated and do make a significant difference.

Gifts from individuals are vital to maintain our ability to employ Canadian artists to originate and develop new work of the highest calibre. Over the years, the work of creative artists at Necessary Angel has earned the Company the reputation as one of Canada’s “national treasures”. Our commitment to you is to continue to create theatre which engages and entertains.

All gifts receive program / web-site recognition or may remain anonymous at your request.

All gifts receive a tax receipt as a charitable donation.

There are many ways to donate. Please click on the button below and explore the options OR you may make a donation by cheque directly to Necessary Angel Theatre Company.

The Programming Activities of Necessary Angel is proudly supported by:

The Bank of Montreal


The Development of select projects is made possible with support of :

The KM Hunter Foundation


Since 2014, Necessary Angel’s incredible community of Donors and Sponsors include:

Up to $100

Doug & Susanne Ackers
Beck, Janet
Bonjour, Nathalie
Buchli, Ines
Chellew, Jason
Cheung, Jason
Cole, Karen
Crawford, Norma
Dickie, Lindsey
Dinetz, Jason
Djuric, Andjelija
Douglas, Christopher
Eastwood, Kathy
Gazarian, Suzy
Gibb-Clark, Margot
Harris, Beverly
Hoffman, Roni
Junek, Thomas

Liss, David
Mairs, Janet
Poirier, Niki
Potter, Keith
Redfern, Heather
Riggall, C.
Sirman, Robert
Southern, Lucas
Sparham, Lucie
Stewart, Barbara
Upchurch, Liz
Vernich, Lee
Walker, Brian
Williams, Joanne
Wood, Chris
Zeifman, Hersh
Zimmerman, Cyndi

$100 & Above

Jane Anderson
Anonymous (upon request)
Alix Arnett
Brebner, Mary
Caldwell, Shari
Chan, Doris
Fingerote, Barbara **
Freeman, Kathleen
Kaplan, Jonathan
Kothari, Raj
Martin, Janice

McHardy, L. & John Harvey**
Nigoghossian, Ms. Tenny
Petty, Dini
Ross, Glenna **
Przybylski,Teresa **
Vezina, Frederique
Robertson, Judith A.
Smyth, Harley & Carolyn McIntire
Waverman, Lucy
White, Laurie

$500 & Above

Anonymous ( upon request )
Ernst & Young
Botsford Fraser, Marian **
Fryer, Alison **
HRC Tool & Dye Mfg.
Jackson, Trisha
Lockhart, Nancy
Manu Life Financial
McCain, Margaret
Monro, Mr. Alec **

Gladney, Tom & Lorna
Goldbloom, David **
Guttman, Karen
Sherrin, Robert
Simpson, Sandra
Viau, Michael **
Kothari-Walker, Shraddha
Weinzweig, Daniel** 

$1000 & Above

Salah Bachir
Butterfield Family Foundation, Martha & George **
Chan, Nick
Comper, Tony
Grace, Noelle

K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation
Minz, Ms. Florence
Mulroney, Katy **
Stewart, Nalini **
Stursberg, Richard

$5000 & Above

Duncan, Janne **
Janson, Astrid **
IATSE Local 58
McLean Foundation
The Ouellette Family Foundation **

$10,000 & Above

Dan, Leslie

$50,000 & Above

Bank of Montreal **
Estate of June Ardiel

** indicates multi-year donors & sponsors

Necessary Angel is proudly funded by:

The Canada Council for the Arts


The Ontario Arts Council


The Toronto Arts Council