Ask The Director: Jennifer Tarver (All But Gone: A Beckett Rhapsody)

Few people know the works of Samuel Beckett as intimately as Jennifer Tarver does. She has directed his plays on stages everywhere from Stratford to Broadway, tackling everything from Waiting For Godot to his lesser-known short works. Now, as the Artistic Director of Necessary Angel, Tarver has returned to explore the Irish playwright once more.

All But Gone: A Beckett Rhapsody is currently running at the Berkeley Street Theatre; it closes this Sunday (November 6). It’s a uniquely stirring production, combing four short Beckett plays — Act Without Words I & II, Play, and Ohio Impromptu — with musical pieces from a song cycle by contemporary Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho. We recently sat down with Tarver to ask her about the show and her continuing fascination with Beckett.

You’ll find our questions and her answers below — and you can book your tickets now.

 All But Gone: A Beckett Rhapsody runs from October 11 to November 6 at the Berkeley Street Theatre. You can book your tickets now.