Ask The Actors: Jonathon Young & Paul Fauteux

Performing in a Samuel Beckett play presents a special challenge. And in All But Gone: A Beckett Rhapsody, the actors aren’t just asked to appear in one short Beckett play, but four of them in a row. One of the stars of the production, Jonathon Young, calls the experience of tackling even just one of those scripts, “one of the most intense experiences I've ever had on stage."

All But Gone closes at the Berkeley Street Theatre this Sunday (November 6). But before it does, we wanted to delve into the minds of two of the performers in the production — Jonathon Young and Paul Fauteux — to find out more about the challenge of acting in such a unique and demanding production, and what draws them to one of the great playwrights of the twentieth century.


All But Gone: A Beckett Rhapsody runs from October 11 to November 6 at the Berkeley Street Theatre.